About Us

Cripara is an Alaska-based, Veteran Owned training company specializing in high quality firearms and self-defense training. We have been in the “training business” since 2004, primarily conducting training for Military and Law Enforcement professionals under our previous name, Condition Red Training Group, LLC. We recently underwent a name change and began offering more courses for the civilian sector and brought on more instructors to focus on our Law Enforcement/Military training sector.

Cripara is staffed with instructors that have provided thousands of hours of instruction in their respective fields and have attended numerous schools to ensure the information being provided to our students is current and accurate. All of our instructors have a Law Enforcement background and are certified by State and/or National training entities. Furthermore, we regularly attend some of the best training the nation has to offer in an effort to ensure the information we’re providing our students is up to date and relevant.

Cripara delivers the best of what works. We look forward to training with you.

“Tomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice.”