Carbine Courses

Please Read
In order to ensure the safety of our students and the general population of law abiding citizens, a current permit to carry a concealed weapon or a state-issued background check is required to attend all live fire Cripara courses.

All previous Cripara students are invited back to any Cripara class that they’ve already attended, free of charge, as space is available.

If there are any questions about any of our courses, please email us at Thank you.

►Carbine 1.0 ($99)
This one day course will introduce you to the defensive use of a carbine. We will cover zeroing the rifle, fundamentals of marksmanship, position shooting, and malfunction clearances- just to name a few. If you are new to the carbine scene, or you haven’t attended any formal training- this is your course. Ammo requirement: 200 Rounds.

►Carbine 2.0 ($99)
This one day class will emphasize perfecting the basics and will also introduce the student to some intermediate skills. Unusual positions, shooting on the move, and communication, among others will be covered. Basic Carbine (or equivalent) is a prerequisite. Ammo requirement: 200 rounds.

►Carbine 3.0 ($249)**
This challenging two day class will incorporate all of the basic and intermediate skills learned in the previous classes as well as introducing the student to advanced level skills. Incapacitation drills, multiple targets, shooting/moving/communicating, transition drills, and everything in between. Ammo requirements: 350 rifle/50 handgun. **Handgun and holster required for this class. Basic Pistol (or equivalent) must be completed before attending.

Thanks for taking a look at our Carbine courses. If you would like to have a specialty carbine course built, please email

We look forward to training with you.