Host a Course

Want to host a CRIPARA course at your range?

Open enrollment courses:
Open enrollment courses are available to US Citizens from law abiding citizen to LEO or military backgrounds. Applicants must have no criminal record that precludes firearm ownership (State or Federal). 

  • Classes require a minimum of 10 students.
  • Ranges must be approved and zoned as ranges, 50 yards or longer, for all rifle/carbine classes.
  • Target stands, sticks, backers should be provided by the range.
  • The range host will be responsible for helping advertise the class and fill the seats.
  • One range/class host seat is compensated per 10 students.

Note to hosts:  From the time a class is scheduled, seats must start to fill up. If the class does not start to fill, the class will be canceled or rescheduled to a later time.

If you are a host that can meet these requirements but require additional information, please send a detailed email about your facility, including any questions you may have about our courses, to